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Between October 18, 1861, and June 15, 1864, eight flags were presented to the Massachusetts 27th Infantry Regiment.  Of the eight flags, three are presently on display in the Hall Of Flags in Boston, Massachusetts.  The following images were obtained from the Massachusetts Art Commission, are copyrighted and should not be copied and/or re-produced without permission of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Art Commission:

1987-286: First National. Issued 1861, presented by the asst com general 18 Oct 61 (Bowen, p.401). Rec by AG 20 May 63. Finial H-1.

1987-276: Third National. Issued 15 Jun 64.

1987-267: First State Color. Issued 1861, presented by asst com general 18 Oct 61. Rec by AG 20 May 63. Reverse has pine tree shield, no motto in upper scrolls. Finial H-1.

Third national and third issue State color barely escaped capture with regt at Wise's Forks 8 Mar 65. Color Sergeant John McCleary (national) and Color-Corporal William W. Cummings were both wounded and the colors taken over by Cpl Lafayette Babb and Pvt Leverett Clarke. When capture became certain the colors were wrapped around the staffs, hidden under a rotten log, and covered with leaves and grass. When the prisoners were exchanged in April they told other members of the regiment at New Berne where to find the flags and they were recovered. It is possible that only the national was actually found, as the state color was never turned in to the state.

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